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We are an outdoor sports helmet supplier

Licper Helmet concentrate on each helmet process from the concept stage and into your consumers’ hands. We can design, make, store, ship outdoor sport helmets, and do a lot more. We offer a range of pre-designed products and services designed to streamline outdoor sport helmets supply chains and grow profits.

For any outdoor sports market, one call brings it all! From research and development to complex custom helmets design, we are ready to help your ourdoor sports market more profit.

Our Factory


Licper Helmet can trace its history back to 2006. Since then, Licper concentrate on each outdoor sport helmet and has grown to become the leader of sport helmet market in China.

Licper offer an incomparable range of outdoor sport helmet for children and adults’ skateboarding, skiing, kayaking, bike racing and climbing.

Factory Figures


Square meter of production mall


Trained Technicians

US$100 Million

Anual Output Value

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