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Concentrate On Each Outdoor Sport Helmet!

Licper helps you concentrate on each helmet process from the concept stage and into
your consumers’ hands. Find our full range of solutions to make your sport helmets an optimized!!


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Meet Licper Helmet

Licper Helmet can trace its history back to 2006. Since then, Licper concentrate on each outdoor sport helmet and has grown to become the leader of sport helmet market in China.

Licper offer an incomparable range of outdoor sport helmet for children and adults’ skateboarding, skiing, kayaking, bike racing and climbing.


Concentrate On A Full Range Of Licper Outdoor Sport Helmets

Concentrate On Licper Helmets’ Certificates & Qualifications

Certificates and Qualifications for Licper Skate helmet, water sport helmet, ski helmet, climbing helmet, kids helmet, bike helmet and horse riding helmet

Concentrate On Licper Experience Team’s Work

Concentrate On Beginning

Concentrate on each of your orders, we will carefully check the helmet design to sample product, color box design, head-card and label-sticker to ensure that every order meets your requirements.

Concentrate On Processing

Employees with many years of experience are serious concentrate on their own positions, and each production step is carefully completed.

And they play an independent role in the post, so that the work is smoother and the products are more perfect.

Concentrate On Shipment

Concentrate on each shipment with more than 10-years-export experience, we are very familiar with every step for shipment export.
It’s skilled from loading boxes to container, from handling with forwarder to delivery into the warehouse or from customs declaration to various documents.

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